Tosca-Phono (mit Electromophon Motor)
, Mo Sep 29 2014, 15:56

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, I'm Italian.
I joined your forum 'cause I have an old gramophone, restored in an old house.
Taking it apart to see if it worked, I saw this written on the engine, ELECTROMOPHON-GERMANY, on the Italian forum I have not found anything on this gramophone.
and fully functional
mobile and briar.
below the opening there 'written ..TOSCA -PHONO ..
if I can insert pictures.
I would like to know a valuation for sale
Appearance news, thanks

Re: Tosca-Phono (mit Electromophon Motor)
Formiggini, Mo Sep 29 2014, 17:05

Hello and welcome,

what you have is not a gramophone made by "Electromophon", but a (maybe) italian gramophone of unknown origin. By the way the wire goes through the side of the cabinet, it seems the electric motor had been later attached to the gramophone.
The motorboard also has the old gaps of the previous (mechanical) motor, badly filled with something... Made in the late 1920s and with a nice cabinet, anyway not with great value because it isnĀ“t in original condition.

Re: Tosca-Phono (mit Electromophon Motor)
, Mo Sep 29 2014, 17:20

Hallo Antonio,

I am sure, that there was a spring-motor in this Gramophone before.

There are signs from the old spring-motor visible (screwsholes)

The first, original motor was changed for the "Electromopon-Motor".
The Mains-Cord would be never get out of the visible nozzle.
That was the nozzle for the crank of the original spring-motor before....

Such "Marriages" don't enjoy much popularity in collectors circles.

Regards, Nils

Re: Tosca-Phono (mit Electromophon Motor)
, Mo Sep 29 2014, 18:38

ok, thank you all for the information you have given me for this tool.
I thought I had a gramophone more importantly, patience.
greetings to all