Orchestra of Kommandantur der Gross-Paris
TISTOU48, Mo Jan 28 2019, 20:58

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have good infos on the orchestra of the gross-parts kommandantur? Like how many musicians? What was the music regiment? Where were they playing?

Thank you!!

And a little picture of my collection.

Re: Orchestra of Kommandantur der Gross-Paris
Telraphon, Di Jan 29 2019, 18:20

the music corps was transferred from Litzmannstadt ("Lodz") to Paris by marching orders on 2 or 3 July 1940,and was accommodated at the Hotel Bayard in the Rue de Conservatoire.
Above all, the orchestra consisted of artists from the Ostmark (Austria) and Pommern (Pomerania) in northern germany, including well-known artists and later founding members of the Mozarteum in Salzburg. They all belonged to the "325. Sicherungs – Division und Feldgendarmerietruppe 564"
Stabsmusikmeister Ludwig Klemmberg directed the orchestra.

The members of the orchestra are all known but not always what instrument they played:

1. Ager (Bläser)

2. Arnold

3. Baumgärtl

4. Böhm (Flötist)

5. Brucic (Horn)

6. Buchheiser

7. Cieslik (Klarinette)

8. Derkies (Klarinette)

9. Duwe (Geige u. Trommel)

10. Eller (Oboe)

11. Festerer

12. Finkbein

13. Flekna (2. Geige)

14. Flakus

15. Frank (Trompete)

16. Freier (Oboe)

17. Friedl (Trompete)

18. Fröhlich (Klarinette) Rang: Feldwebel

19. Geisler (Klarinette a.d.Zillertal)

20. Gradl, Hans

21. Grinniger, Norbert

22. Gruber (Flügelhorn)

23. Hillinger, Karl

24. Hoffmann, Hans (Cellist)

25. Hoyer (Komponist)

26. Kinzius, v. Georg (Klarinette)

27. Köppke (Flöte)

28. Kometter, Xandl (Trompete)

29. Kraft

30. Kramer (Baß)

31.Kreitz (1. Geige)

32. Lechner

33. Lederer

34. Löde (Bassklarinette)

35 Lohan

36. Mückstein, Julius (Schellenbaum)

37. Nekola (Flügelhorn)

38. Petz

39. Pirchner ( Flötist)

40. von Pöhle, (Klarinette)

41. Pulver (Flügelhorn)

42. Rechenbach

43. Reichardt

44. Renzl (Baß)

45. Rohde

46. Schüler

47. Schulze

48. Simon (Klarinette)

49. Steinbichler (Posaune)

50. Steinke (Trompete)

51. Steldt, Hans

52. Strelow (Horn)

53. Taubert

54. Toifl (Bariton, Bläser)

55. Treffner, Franz (Pauke u. Komponist)

56. Vitkowitz (Cello)

57. Webel

58. Wechselberger (Horn)

59. Wetternig, Adi (Kontrabass)

60. Wondratschek (Horn)

61. Zilisch (Klarinette)

This orchestra was one of the best (if not the best) millitary orchestras in the Reich and recorded some records in Paris. The Pathe records were probably intended mainly for members of the German troops.

Greetings from Germany!

Re: Orchestra of Kommandantur der Gross-Paris
Telraphon, Di Jan 29 2019, 18:23

I forgot to upload the second side of the record as well:

Edit: Your photo shows the Orchestra of the 81st Infantry Regiment Frankfurt am Main. I'm very happy about that because I did not know a picture of this orchestra so far! Thanks a lot!


Re: Orchestra of Kommandantur der Gross-Paris
Musikmeister, Di Jan 29 2019, 20:32

Das Thema hatten wir schonmal ... Link - Hier klicken

Re: Orchestra of Kommandantur der Gross-Paris
TISTOU48, Mi Jan 30 2019, 11:54

Thank you Telraphon!
I do have other interrogations.. Why were they in Lotzdt before Paris? They belong to 325 sicherung-division and feldgendaremerie 564 but were they fighting soldiers as well as musicians?
For what purpose were they used? when did they play?

I am glad you like the picture, here is another one of the Musikorp der Panzer-brigade 100 in December 1941 in Paris.
I apologize to the admin but the previous post didn't answer my questions..

Re: Orchestra of Kommandantur der Gross-Paris
TISTOU48, Mo Apr 08 2019, 20:57

And what about this one....?