Rare Triumphon portable gramophone
nostalgia, Do Jun 04 2020, 22:42

I have not posted here in a while, but would like to show you this wooden Triumphon portable gramophone. I have until now not been able to find a similar model when looking online, so I thought it could be of general interest to show photos of this all wooden model. I will presume it is very early portable gramophone, taking into consideration that the horn also is made of wood. The Limonia soundbox must have been added at a later date. If someone know something more about the model, it would of course be very interesting. Thank you.

Re: Rare Triumphon portable gramophone
DGAG, Fr Jun 05 2020, 17:08

I'd also say it's a relatively early machine. I like it. We already had some Triumphon portables in our forum, but none of this kind yet. Probably an imitation leather was attached to the outside, which was in bad condition and was removed. I find the compartment with sliding lid particularly rustic and unusual.

Re: Rare Triumphon portable gramophone
nostalgia, Sa Jun 06 2020, 09:37

I am myself not too sure the portable ever had an imitation leather cover, since there are no signs of this anywhere on the portable, also around the carrying handle that looks untouched. But I could of course be wrong! The gramophone itself is square, not rectangular like later portables. Somehow it reminds me a bit about the early HMV PAO/PBO portables that also were all wood.Yes, the sliding lid panels are very rustic and unusual. The gramophone needs a good cleaning and work on the finish though, it has stayed untouched since I bought it a year ago. It deserves some attention, and cleaning it and and adding wax will make it shine more.
I will share photos of a few more of my German gramophones here soon, models that I have not found elsewhere on the forum. I feel it could be of general interest for forum members to see them.