Jack Johnson Jazz Band 1929


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The former Heavyweight Champion of the World Jack Johnson fronting a jazz band in 1929. He was also the manager of the famous "Cotton Club" in Harlem. In 1929 Johnson opened the "Checkers Club" in Harlem, with a coloured orchestra and floor show.

Der ehemalige Weltmeister im Schwergewicht, Jack Johnson, leitete ab 1920 in New York einen Nachtklub welcher später der berühmte "Cotton Club" wurde. 1929 eröffnete er in Harlem den "Checkers Club" mit Bühnenschau und Orchester. Möglicherweise entstand der Film in dem Club.

Fox Movietone News Story 4-669 C: Jack Johnson Fronts Jazz Band
December 21, 1929; New York City

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have been requested by many to tell just how I knocked out so many of my opponents. As far as I'm concerned, that day has gone. And today, I have a new way of knocking them out, and i will show you!"

Tiger Rag

Cliff Bryant - trumpet, Odell Williams, Harold Blanchard and Bobby Sands clarinet & sax and Charlie Dixon (ex-member of Fletcher Henderson) on banjo. Drums? Some believe Chick Webb, others Kaiser Marshall - but most probably it is a certain Herbie Cowens.

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