Coon Sanders Original Nighthawks Orchestra

Coon Sanders Original Nighthawks Orchestra
Electrola E.G. 211 / A 34063
Chicago, 9. März 1926


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They recorded four numbers in 1921, only one of which was released, and then more importantly, on December 5, 1922, they made their first radio broadcast. Soon they caught on big; the orchestra was renamed the Night-Hawks (since their show was on late, from midnight until 2 a.m.) and became very popular in the Midwest. the Coon-Sanders Night-Hawks recorded regularly from 1924 on, cutting around 75 selections during the next eight years; they relocated to Chicago later in 1924 and prospered on both road trips and the radio. Although none of the sidemen became individually famous, the band featured a lot of brief solos, while Sanders' arrangements were full of surprises, and the two co-leaders' vocals were consistently heated whether performing stomps, novelties, or rare ballads. Only Coon's sudden death on May 5, 1932, after an operation on a septic tooth halted the magic. Joe Sanders lived until May 1965 and led a band on and off through 1959, but never recorded again.

Night Hawk Blues
(vocal Carleton Coon & Joe Sanders)

Chicago April 5, 1924
Victor 19316 (mx. B-29837-3)

September 1931

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