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Wie bereits in einem anderen Beitrag diskutiert wurde hat die Antique Phonograph Society APS ein eigenes Forum entwickelt, das für jedermann offen ist. Dieses Forum ist jetzt “live” in Betrieb gegangen. Hier ist die Ankündigung:

APS is pleased to announce our launch of the APS Forum - a new web service for you and the entire collecting community. Check it out here: APS FORUM or via our website: APS HOME PAGE

We hope you will like “version 1.0” of the Forum. It has similar structure and functionality to other forums plus some important features:
The APS Forum has “responsive web design,” meaning it looks great on phones and tablets as well as computer screens.
It’s easy to add media to your posts: just drag & drop files. Plus, you can load YouTube videos easily and quickly.
Our “Classified Ad” section is really slick – a new platform to offer phonographs and records directly to knowledgeable, serious collectors.
There are 12 different sub-forums plus “Support” and “Feature Requests.”
There’s an events calendar to keep you updated on major collecting events and activities.
Equally important: because the Forum is owned and moderated by APS, you can expect stability, security and professional management. It’s not going anywhere, and its objectives are the same as yours: to connect machine and record collectors with each other.

The APS Forum is part of APS2020, a new initiative by your organization to structure our analog and digital activities so they link us together and make it easier to learn, share information, and have fun while also attracting, mentoring and involving new collectors. Expect to hear – and see – more about APS2020 in the months to come.

Enjoy the APS Forum!

George Paul

The Antique Phonograph Society is a 1000-member strong international society of antique phonograph, gramophone and record enthusiasts. We are tax-exempt and not-for-profit, relying primarily on member contributions; our officers are all volunteers.

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