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Another rare Triumphon gramophone, a floor model
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Do Jun 11 2020, 10:25 Druck Ansicht
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I am showing another Triumphon which came into my possession a few days ago. I decided to save it from becoming a mini bar, since it obviously easily could have happened, when looking at it. I could not find a similar Triumphon floor model when searching the forum, so I decided to share the photos. I can not add any information at all about the model, since I also could not find it in the Triumphon catalog listed elsewhere on the forum. Two soundboxes were accompanying the gramophone, but since they have no brand names at all, I am neither able to confirm that they are made by Triumphon or not. If someone has any information to add, it is of course welcome. The lid stay is broken, but since it is made of wood and I have all the parts, I think it can easily be repaired. I not yet have had the time to look at the motor inside the gramophone. In a future perspective, I believe this gramophone in future will be sold, I simply do not have space for it, due to overload of other gramophones.
Thank you.

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Fr Jun 12 2020, 10:24

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Thank you very much for introducing this extraordinary model. I didn't expect this from Triumphon. I'm sure very few of them were made in the mid- to late 1920s.
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Mi Jul 08 2020, 22:28
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It is my pleasure, to show you this gramophone. I have now restored it, changed one main spring, and cleaned the second spring, and in total spent around 30 hours on the restoration. I upload some photos to show the motor, and also how it looks after being restored.
Now comes the difficult task of knowing what to do with it, since I don't have room for it myself. At best I would have preferred to sell it to a Triumphon collector, really.

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