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Gross-Paris Orchestra
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Do Jun 11 2020, 13:08 Druck Ansicht
Dabei seit: Mi Jan 23 2019, 15:46
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Hi everyone,
I am desesperatly looking for a good photo of the Gross-paris musik regiment for a book to be plubished.. Does anyone has that please? Kind of urgent. I am open to discussion of course.

Thanks a lot.

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Do Jun 11 2020, 13:49

Dabei seit: Sa Jun 02 2018, 16:22
Einträge: 22
Hello and welcome,

In the future, please pay attention to where you post to keep the forum clear.

Please understand that a forum should stimulate discussions.
Answers can sometimes take a little while. Maybe someone will find a photo.

Good luck with it.

Stay healthy
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