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Edison STANDARD Model A, Exportmodell von 1898-1899 mit Edison-Standard-Schalldose
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Dabei seit: Fr Jun 19 2020, 10:51
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It seems like there are few photos of the Edison standard "2 clip" model "A" with an Edison-bell patent plate on the internet. These kinds of machines can be found in the UK and Europe according to the article published in antique phonograph society ( It has the Edison-bell patent plate and the dealers tag. Does anyone in this group own one of these with the Edison-bell patent plate? I would love to know more about them.

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Di Jul 07 2020, 12:22
Dabei seit: So Dez 31 2017, 12:30
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In April 1898, The Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co. Ltd. of London, owner of the British Edison and Bell-Tainter patents, ordered 10,000 "No. 2" (Standard) machines from the phonograph factory in West Orange. Without patent plate, instead a license plate was mounted in England.

Edison-Bell Consolidated, newly established in March 1898, acted as the selling agent for the Edison United Phonograph Co. in England. The first 250 "No. 2" machines were shipped from the US in May 1898. At least 1000 machines arrived monthly until the first order was completed. More orders certainly followed, but I did not investigate further.

Since the selling price of the "No. 2" in England was the equivalent of about $34, much higher than in the US ($20), and the commercial discount for retailers was only 15 to 20%, sales were slow.

Deutsche Edison Phonographen Gesellschaft m.b.H. in Cologne ordered only 100 "No. 2" machines in April 1898. There was a good reason. The license fees of 37 $, which the German company had to pay to its licensor, the Edison United, for each phonograph sold, was ridiculously high. The purchase of machines imported from the US was therefore not worthwhile and Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft licensed the manufactured of their own phonographs, named "Victoria": Link - Hier klicken

I have never seen one of the very few "No. 2" phonographs sold by Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft. One of these would certainly interest me.

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So Jul 12 2020, 09:53
Dabei seit: Do Jun 28 2012, 17:52
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I definitely appreciate the general appearance of these machines compared to the often massively overdecorated cabinets. The lid without and usual handle that is found on US versions is really an odd eye-catcher, nice one!

The only problem I frequently stumble with these early Standards is the governor that tends to have massive flutter and often requires some extra TLC.
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