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Title The Savoy Charleston Bearcats 1926
. The Savoy Bearcats with Leon Abbey was one of the hottest Jazz Bands in Harlem of 1926

Photo of The Charleston Bearcats Jazzband March 1926


The Orchestra recorded just a handfull of phonograph records

Together with the famous Fletcher Henderson Roseland Orchestra and Fess Williams and his Royal Flush Orchestra the Charleston Bearcats opened the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem on Friday March 12 of 1926.

From August 1926 to October 1926 the Savoy Bearcats under leadership of the violinist Leon Abbey made for the Victor phonograph company seven records. A first recording session 8/9/1926, which included Leon Abbey on violin, resulted in two unissued tracks. The next session took place on 8/23/1926.

Savoy Bearcats
Duncan Mayers dir / Gilbert Paris, Demas Dean t / James Reevy tb / Carmelo Jari (Jejo) cl, as, bar / Otto Mikell cl, as / Ramon Hernandez cl, ts / Joe Steele p / Freddy White bj, g / Harry Edwards bb / Willie Lynch d.
Recorded in New York

Victor BVE-36030 8/9/1926 Stampede (Fletcher Henderson)
Victor BVE-36031 8/9/1926 How could I be blue? (Daniel Wilson)
Victor BVE-36059 8/23/1926 Senegalese stomp (Clarence Todd)
Victor BVE-36060 8/23/1926 Bearcat stomp (Don Redman)
Victor BVE-36061 8/23/1926 Nightmare (Billy Meyers)
Victor BVE-36809 10/11/1926 Hot notes (Gene Rodermich)
Victor BVE-36810 10/11/1926 Señorita mine (Fats Waller)

The band's name was changed from the Charleston Bearcats while their stay at the Savoy to the Savoy Bearcats. After leaving the Savoy Ballroom in 1927 they became known as Leon Abbey's Band.
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