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From the mid 1920s to the 1940s this actor and ukelele player toured the USA as a vaudeville act. But, his name wasn´t "Nee", he wasn´t chinese at all...

The actor was born as Alfredo C. Oppus on December 25th, 1892 in Baclayon, a province of Bohol in the Philippines. His registration card from 1942 also refers to 1892 as year of birth. In this Article (in comments) the date is given as 1895. Also other documents (ship manifests) prove 1892.

Registration Card 1942

An article from 1938 mentioned the metamorphosis from Alfredo Oppus to Nee Wong:

Although Nee Wong never made a record, a very early talkie (sound on movie) from late 1925 survived. Maybe you never heard Yes Sir, that´s my Baby like that before...

You never heard "Yes Sir, that´s my Baby" like that before...early sound on movie talkie from 1925.Mr. Nee Wong = Alfredo Oppus, born on December 25th, 1895 in Baclayon, a province of Bohol in the Philippines. He toured in the 20s the US as a Vaudeville act called the 'Ukulele Ike'" or "The Gentleman of the Orient":"One of vaudeville's most talented entertainers in Nee Wong, a lackadaisical young Chinese . Nee Wong can make a ukelele talk. He sings American songs and translates them into Chinese, giving his audience a little lesson in Chinese pronunciation.""

Posted by Deutsches Grammophon & Schellackplatten Forum on Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

"I got no more wind" - Breathless...

Before he came to America, Mr. Wong broadcasted via the radio in Hawaii. Here he had been heard by a certain "Mr. Louis Breau" and had been brought to the US as a vaudeville act in late 1925.

He was now called "The Original Chinese Ukelele Ike"; "The Gentleman Of The Orient", or sometimes "The Chinese Jazz Boy".

One of vaudeville´s most talented entertainers is Nee Wong, a lackadaisical young Chinese. Nee Wong can make a ukelele talk. He sings American songs and translates them into Chinese, giving his audience a little lesson in Chinese pronunclation. His act was one of the hits of the bill with the Sunday crowds.

But he was not singing in Chinese. He was just making strange sounds. Perhaps Alfredo Oppus - Nee Wong even speak a word Chinese at all...

In early 1929 he visited Europe and England.

Nee Wong , the Chinese entertainer , evidently has captured England . This fact is attested by the glowing reviews in the English dailies and the trade papers . Nee is modest about his success . In a letter he writes simply and directly : The audiences where I have played seem to like my style of working immensely and I will continue to try and entertain them in other places where I am booked . The London Stage thought him better than ordinary and had this to say relative to his debut : Nee Wong , described as Gentleman of the Orient , has an important place in the programme . He has unusual gifts as a player of the ukulele and a confidential style in . conversation that is not without its appeal . The Encore was equally enthusiastic . Anyway , Wong s services are much in demand , as he is also headed for Paris for an indefinite stay .

He was still activ in the US through the 1930s and early 1940s.


August 1934

Ship Manifest Alfredo Oppus 1940




His last visit to America had been in 1946, his remaining fate is unknown.
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