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HMV Hornless Model 58 (form. 3 / L.C.B.M.)

The HMV 58 is one of the last hornless modells the Gramophone Company produced. Thorugh its 12,5 inch turntable and the large HMV double-spring motor it is a bulky and heavy but high-quality machine.

MANUFACTURER: Gramophone Company Ltd., Great Britain
MODEL: Hornless Model No. 58
YEAR: July 1922 - November 1923
PRICE: 8,10 GBP in Oak and in Mahogany.
CASE: Oak or mahogany, fielded doors with cove moulding and ornament knobs
TURNTABLE: 12 in./ 30 cm
HORN: Cast iron, with two louvres in wood flare
MOTOR: Double 1-inch spring
SOUNDOX: HMV No. 2 (1916 -1922 HMV Exhibition)

The HMV Hornless Model 58 (1922-1923)

The Model 58 originated from the Model 3, which came on the market in September 1913 and due to the new number codes from February 1916 it was named L.C.M. The model 3 replaced the former models III and VI.

From about 1915, the model was equipped with another motor, as shown by the change of the winder position. Later models (from April 1922) were equipped with two needle bowls and a waste needle container.

The model 3 or L.C.M. was renamed in July 1922 and was available with its new model number (58) till November 1923. Total 13,595 pieces in oak and 5,028 pieces in mahogany were sold from 1913 to 1923.

Das Modell 58 entstand aus dem Modell 3, welches im September 1913 auf den Markt kam und auf Grund der neuen Nummerncodes ab Februar 1916 L.C.M. bezeichnet wurde. Das Modell 3 ersetzte dabei das frühere Modell III sowie das Modell VI.

Ab etwa 1915 wurde das Modell mit einem anderen Motor ausgestattet, was auch an der veränderten Position des Kurbel-Escutcheon erkennbar ist. Spätere Modelle (ab April 1922) wurden mit zwei ins Motorboard integrierte Nadeldosen sowie einer Dose für benutzte Nadeln ausgestattet.

Das Modell 3 bzw. L.C.M. wurde Juli 1922 umbenannt und war bis November 1923 als Modell 58 erhältlich. Insgesamt wurden von 1913 bis 1923 insgesamt 13.595 Stück in Eiche sowie 5.028 Stück in Mahagoni verkauft.

The HMV Hornless Model 3 shown in a catalogue-extract from about 1920

The HMV Hornless Model 58 with open doors
Behind the horn extension made of wood flare there is a cast iron horn

Details of the model 58
f.l.t.r. the HMV soundbox No. 2, one of the nice ornated knobs, the "nipper on red base" decal; a view to the motor board

The autobreak on this model is a a kind of upgrade, this model normally only has a standard hand-brake. This hand-set autobreak was available from 1912 to 1926.

WRITTEN BY: The Symbol of Supremacy

  • His Master´s Gramophone Brian Oakley and Christopher Proudfoot, 2011

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